Friday, February 08, 2008

The deluge arrived.

Well finally this week South East Queensland has had a bucketing of rain. The dams are starting to fill up and there is talk of possible easing of level 6 water restrictions. Some suburbs in Brisbane received a 100 mm. in an hour. When a deluge like this happens it always causes flash
flooding, and sadly a young man was drowned in the Brisbane suburb of Capalaba. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family at what must be such a difficult time.
The frogs pictured are residents of our garden, the common name is the Graceful treefrog or Dainty Green treefrog ( Litoria gracilenta) We very rarely see them until heavy rain arrives and then they are everywhere and they call all night long. As you can see, you can get quite close with the camera and they don't move. All of our five species of frogs have been active this summer now, and its good to see them in good numbers.


Mark said...

Hello Roy, it's a pleasure to see the frogs. It's a privilege to have them to see.

Keep up the good work.


Jeanette said...

Gday Roy, It nice to see the little tree frogs in yor garden,A few years ago we stayed in Bewar and and toads were everywere, I lost count of the dead ones on the road.. Take care..

Sue said...

Hi Roy,

This little fellow is an interesting colour. I quite like the way the yellow stripe goes from above his tympanum to his nostril. Great pictures. I hope you have some Litoria gracilenta tadpoles in your pond or water gardens.

Best wishes,

Kerri said...

They do look like dainty little things. You certainly have a wonderful collection of frogs in your garden Roy.
So good to hear you've had rain, and easing of water restrictions, but very sad about the young woman's drowning.
Droughts and flooding true.

Ian said...

Hi Roy
I think you have been to my garden.
See my blog at

Moribundo said...

Great photos! I don't know why but frogs just cheer me up (Weird eh?) - as do cows. I really must make an appointment at the psychiatrist! Nice work by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roy

I visited tamborine mountain recently, and saw lots of frog tadpoles in a pond that had a red underbelly and were about 8cm long. I wondered if you had photos of the green tree frog tadpoles so I could see if they were the same?

Many thanks