Saturday, April 05, 2008

More frog actiity.

Thankfully Brisbane has had the traditional wet Summer that we so desperately needed. As a consequence there has been no shortage of frog activity. These shots were taken late Summer (mid February) Normally we wouldn't see a Striped Marsh Frog so exposed as this one, whats more it stayed there for quite a while. Marsh Frogs are prolific breeders and they call just about every night and the sound varies in intensity between a tennis match ( the "toc" "toc" sounds like a tennis ball being hit) and Chinese New year (firecrackers) It's a coincidence that the bowl at the side has the same markings as the frog. I thought I'd mention that in case anyone thought the frog had camouflage capabilities. The two little Sedgefrogs finally became an item. A little late in the season perhaps, we couldn't find any eggs in any of the ponds the next day. Maybe having a practice for next year. We are into Autumn now and the weather is starting to cool so our little friends will be looking for or will have found homes to hibernate no doubt.

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Tiffany Renee Phillips said...

What beautiful photography.