Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tamborine morning

Edit PostsThe mornings at Tamborine Mt. are just glorious, so quiet and peaceful. This is the front garden. the Kangaroo paws are about 1.5 metres high now with lots of flowers. All the other plants in the garden are getting new growth as spring approaches. There are Grevilleas, Callistemons, Banksias and Eucalypts of various sizes and colours . It should be a paradise for the native birds when every thing grows.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The Camelias on Tamborine mountain are delightful to see at the moment. The climate and the more acidic red soil seems to be perfect for growing them. We have a Camelia japonica growing at the side of our garden seat, the flowers of which are the 2nd photo down, we just love the compact form of the Japonicas and the attractive deep green foliage which doesn't seem to attract many pests. The final shot was taken at an open garden scheme plant sale at the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens. This was a display table on the stand of Camelia Glen Nursery , a specialist camelia nursery on the Sunshine Coast. The array of different flowers was quite amazing.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mt tamborine wildlife

A couple of shots taken recently in our garden at Mt Tamborine. I contacted the Queensland Museum about this yellow spider, it's the first time I've seen one and I couldn't find a reference in any of our books. Apparently it's called a flower spider and they can also be white. Larraine with her keen eye spotted the Kookaburra having snake for lunch. It sat there for about 20 mins occasionally bashing the snake against the tree branch.

More frog actiity.

Thankfully Brisbane has had the traditional wet Summer that we so desperately needed. As a consequence there has been no shortage of frog activity. These shots were taken late Summer (mid February) Normally we wouldn't see a Striped Marsh Frog so exposed as this one, whats more it stayed there for quite a while. Marsh Frogs are prolific breeders and they call just about every night and the sound varies in intensity between a tennis match ( the "toc" "toc" sounds like a tennis ball being hit) and Chinese New year (firecrackers) It's a coincidence that the bowl at the side has the same markings as the frog. I thought I'd mention that in case anyone thought the frog had camouflage capabilities. The two little Sedgefrogs finally became an item. A little late in the season perhaps, we couldn't find any eggs in any of the ponds the next day. Maybe having a practice for next year. We are into Autumn now and the weather is starting to cool so our little friends will be looking for or will have found homes to hibernate no doubt.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The deluge arrived.

Well finally this week South East Queensland has had a bucketing of rain. The dams are starting to fill up and there is talk of possible easing of level 6 water restrictions. Some suburbs in Brisbane received a 100 mm. in an hour. When a deluge like this happens it always causes flash
flooding, and sadly a young man was drowned in the Brisbane suburb of Capalaba. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family at what must be such a difficult time.
The frogs pictured are residents of our garden, the common name is the Graceful treefrog or Dainty Green treefrog ( Litoria gracilenta) We very rarely see them until heavy rain arrives and then they are everywhere and they call all night long. As you can see, you can get quite close with the camera and they don't move. All of our five species of frogs have been active this summer now, and its good to see them in good numbers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mt tamborine resident

We spotted this little frog outside the Mt Tamborine post office in the main street. It was perched on a tiled pillar about 60 cm. high. No doubt thoroughly enjoying our welcome run of wet weather. This is what we love about Mt Tamborine its surrounded by so many National Parks you are never very far from nature.