Thursday, July 06, 2006

My little Ikea ball

I started this little project a couple of years ago and I've added things to it as it became established. It's one of those little cane balls that you buy at Ikea. I lined the bottom and sides with paperbark (thats a bit of a painstaking job as the gaps are very small) then I filled it with a combination of potting mix/ orchid mix/spaghnum moss. It has five small elkhorns tied around with fishing line and pink rock orchid on the top. Since then it has become home to a maiden hair fern, two miniature bromeliads, a hairs foot fern, babys tears, selaginella and moss.
The ball itself is suspended by a chain connected to a hanging basket so it gets the water run off. It dangles happily at the side of the carport enjoying filtered morning sun. My theory is ( and I hope I'm right) by the time the cane rots, as no doubt it will eventually the elkhorns will have bound together as a clump holding everything together. I've added this week two miniature Hoya cuttings one should climb up the chain hopefully and one should hang down. Some may wonder if the plants are a little crowded, the answer to that is yes, but they really do seem to be having a ball. Happy gardening folks. ( click on picture for a larger view.)