Thursday, June 21, 2012

If only this pram could talk.

If only this pram could talk.  What an interesting tale it might tell. .  A number of homes and owners no doubt   Have you speculated on the history of some old objects when you see them?  No doubt this little pram has given much joy to some little children. We've planted it up with Maidenhair and Violets.  We are happy to give it  a home in it's retirement   Also pictured  Camellia Reticulata "Susie O'neill" named I think after the famous Aussie swimmer. The large blooms on these plants certainly brighten our garden in the winter,       also a shot of the beautiful town of Tumut NSW taken on a recent holiday.   Please click on photo for a larger view.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Winter at Tamborine Mountain.

Well Winter's here and our final show of Autumn leaves are about to fall. This time of the year is also a lovely time for Camellias both Japonicas and Reticulatas. lots are budding up nicely and starting to flower, Also our many Vireyas are rewarding us with beautiful trusses. Pictured are Japanese maples Acer Sango-kaku. which gets striking red stems as the winter progresses.  Camellia reticulata "Glorious gift" and Camellia Japonica "Federation"