Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beautiful sounds G.T.S. post

Before dinner tonight (Sat) I sat in the garden and listened to natures orchestra. With the water feature gently trickling in the background, there was the repetetive chirp of the cicadas in full chorus ( after recent welcome rain) Two Sedgefrogs were close by calling "reeek reeek pip" Striped Marshfrogs were not going to be out done they were there "toc toc... toc toc". Overhead the sound of batwings could be heard as they swooped between the trees.
As I sat listening in the dark, I was thankful that although we only live 10 mins from the Bribane CBD we can be surrounded by so much of God's creation.
Interestingly enough there was an article in todays Australian newspaper saying that native Australian birds are thriving in the nation's capital cities. Perhaps we owe a lot to our city planners, I know we have lots of parks and green belts which contributes so much to our beautiful environment. May everyone's New year bring good health and happy times.