Friday, November 10, 2006

GTS... Hoya Survey

For Green Thumb Sunday this week I thought I would conduct a little survey about Hoyas, also known as wax plant or porcelain flower (in reference to the delicate nature of the beautiful flowers.) I first became interested in Hoyas about two years ago. Our first plant was given to us by Larraine's mum Mary, it was a Hoya Carnosa which is probably one of the most common and best known of the Hoyas.

Hoyas are mainly tropical or sub-tropical plants and the majority are epiphytic. It is said that there could be up to 300 species, some of which are still being discovered. They range in size from miniature to very large plants and vines. The flowers are just as varied, many of them highly fragrant. Pictured here are just a few of those that have flowered in our garden, clockwise from the top left are Hoya C.V. Minibelle, Hoya Lacunosa, Hoya Heuschkeliana and H. Pachyclada.

Some of the most avid collectors of Hoyas are the Swedes, they grow beautiful Hoyas and about 80- 90% of websites about Hoyas seem to be Swedish. Here are some you may like to visit...

Hoyas etc.
Hills' Hoya Page
Diane's Place
Hoya Garden (me)

My Hoyas
The Hoya Page
Swedish Hoya Society

I'd like to conduct a little survey with Green Thumb Sunday visitors this week...

1. Have you heard of Hoyas before?
2. Do you own a Hoya?
3. Having read this post, are you curious to visit the Hoya blogs and websites to find out more about these plants?

If you would like to participate please leave your response in the comments section, thanks for stopping by and taking part.

Have a great week,

Monday, November 06, 2006

Lots of tomatoes

A good friend of ours told us that the best tomato plants are the self sown ones. How true she was. This particuliar plant is a baby off one of three we had planted last season. There are more tomatoes on this plant than the total crop of the three plants last year. Our little grandaughter who loves the garden had the privilege of picking the first ripe ones