Monday, October 08, 2007

How cute is this?

Well..... we had the most unusual visitor come into our little gift shop last week. This dear possum came through the front door in the middle of the day and took up residence in the display shelving ( after dislodging what was there of course) There has been a bit of road works in the area recently so he was possibly a bit disturbed. Our main concern was to remove it safely, because should he run amok there was plenty of breakable giftware around. After finding out how expensive it is to get a possum removed we decided to do it ourselves. We taped a box to front of the space hoping it would move in. It was a very obliging possum and within a couple of minutes we were able to slide a piece of cardboard over the top and put him in the garden. Maybe he wanted someone to buy him. Just as well Larraine found him first, people might have thought it was a stuffed toy. I think you would get quite a shock.
Our Green Treefrogs are starting to get very active, the storm season is underway and there is quite a cacophony of frog sounds at the moment.