Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mt tamborine resident

We spotted this little frog outside the Mt Tamborine post office in the main street. It was perched on a tiled pillar about 60 cm. high. No doubt thoroughly enjoying our welcome run of wet weather. This is what we love about Mt Tamborine its surrounded by so many National Parks you are never very far from nature.


Sue said...

Hi Roy,
I'm a new visitor to your frog garden. I love the frogs you have living at your place and I must say I'm most envious of the number and variety of frogs you have. I live in the suburbs of Sydney - not quite up to Queensland in the frog department. :-)

I've been a frog fan for many years and where ever we have lived, I've always encouraged them to the garden by installing a frog pond in the back yard. I currently have 3 Peron's Treefrogs living in a waterwell hanging basket (same as yours) which I am thrilled about. I hope they stay.

I look forward to more pictures of your frogs and water gardens in the future. I've been inspired to create a couple of pot water gardens of my own.

Best wishes,

Kerri said...

Hello Roy! I've been absent for a long time! Hope you and your wife had a wonderful Christmas. Your photos are enchanting as always. I love the Christmas shots, and the little frogs are such a pleasure to see.
I enjoyed the possum story too. Glad you were able to safely escort the little one out into the garden :)

Lanie said...

I have just stumbled across your blog - and what amazing frogs! Living in inner city Sydney we only have 3 remaining frog species. I have just built a pond to help them out a bit...but will admire your gorgeous green frogs from down south (where ours tend to be a bit more brownish).