Friday, September 01, 2006

First day of spring

We woke early today to enjoy the first day of spring. The weather was showers clearing and we were greeted with one of those refreshing sunlight showers as we inspected the garden for new growth after this weeks welcome rain. A Friarbird flew down for a feed of nectar on the red spider flower Grevillea as we sat having our first cuppa for the day. We spent the early morning potting up some extra herbs to surround our new water tank. For southern hemisphere bloggers we hope you had a beautiful spring day and for those in the north a beautiful first day of autumn.


Sue said...

Hi Roy,
Your post cheered me up after several days of realising that the summer here was fast disappearing.

Loved the bromeliads in your past posts. I have one in severe need of attention which I've been ignoring it all summer - but you've motivated me to get round to repotting it.

You have a great site - I found you via Garden Voices but I'll now be back regularly

DellaB said...

Hi Roy, I am thinking about a water tank, the government subsidies are interesting - but down here on the coast, we are less than 500m from the ocean, we get very disappointing results from most things we try to grow, so we are probably not planning to be here permanently, I miss having a 'proper' garden.

Yours IS inspirational..

roybe said...

Thanks Della, have you tried natives ,there is quite a good range of salt tolerant plants available. Good native nurseries can usually provide a list. Indigiscapes native gardens at Capalaba have actually planted a coastal garden in their garden displays. Its a Redlands shire initiative, they sell their plants for $2 ea. but the nursery isn't open every day, but the actual gardens are open every day except monday.