Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An interesting piece of nature

I spotted this delicate little white sac hanging from the elkhorn fern
about four weeks ago. Not being an expert in these things my guess
is it's probably a spider egg sac.
Looking at it I thought how marvellous it would have been to see
whatever it was do it's work on a time lapse camera. The initial thread
that dangles from the frond would have to be quite well bonded to
withstand any wind or disturbance. I had a look today and it's still
there. I'm always amazed at the little intricate things of nature we
can find in our gardens


weirdbunny said...

You'll have to keep us updated as to what happens.

Sonia said...

I also guess is it's probably a spider egg sac. Great photo!

And thank you so much for your visiting on my blog. I always appreciate it!

Have a nice weekend!

Alice said...

You could have had your very own 'David Attenborough' show. I'm always amazed when watching those documentaries how they manage to photograph what is actually happening in such inaccessible places. I realise that cameras can be the size of a pinhead but nevertheless, it's still fascinating.

I hope your spider eggs don't turn out to be anything lethal. You really have an eye for the beauty of nature, don't you?

roybe said...

Thanks for the compliment Alice, but I'm sure D.A. would find heaps of things in our gardens we didn't know existed. I suppose concentrating in the garden looking for our little frogs has given me more of an eye for the minute. We recently went to a photograpic exhibition of garden images put together by a friend. She took up photography as part of a pain management strategy,we found it quite inspiring and as a result we try to take a closer look at our beautiful surroundings.

Kerri said...

You are wonderfully observant. I'm amazed at how much more so I've become since beginning to blog. Nature is fascinating, isn't it? I'm impressed that you get such good results without a macro lens. I'm assuming that's the lens you're hinting at for your birthday, but maybe I'm wrong (?)
Our weather has been cool, wet and dreary here for the past two weeks...not conducive to taking good photos. It's beginning to get me down...I miss the warmth of the sunshine and being able to work in the garden.

roybe said...

Actually kerri I made enquiries and my camera won't take an extra lens. So I might have to upgrade to take better macro shots which is what I enjoy doing.