Friday, May 05, 2006

Beautiful one day , perfect the next

Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Thats the slogan the tourist bureau use to entice people to Queensland for a holiday. It probably applies more to this time the year than any other. The mornings are crisp and the days are bright and sunny. Pictured is new growth of Syzygium luehmannii (small-leafed lillypilly) a native tree from the rainforests of eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales. It bears panicles of small creamy white flowers in the summer which in turn produce coral red pear-shaped fruits in dense bunches. I've actually tried the fruit, a little tart but quite edible. I'm not sure if it's this particular Lillypilly or not but some people make jam out of the fruit. So this last flush of new growth before the winter is our garden's offering of autumn colour.


weirdbunny said...

How wonderful to have so much sun. We don't get a lot here, but when we do I make the most of it. We have to rely on the poly tunnels to grow anything exotic. Last year we grew melon( well thts exotic for us anyway!!!)

roybe said...

I hope it's a nice summer for you in the uk.this year We don't get the lovely long summer evenings that you get over there. We don't have daylght saving in the summer and the twighlight is very short so it's dark by seven o'clock. enjoy your spring gardening.

Kerri said...

Another beautiful photo. You're very clever with your camera. What do you use? Our evenings are light until about 8:30 here now, with daylight saving time. I love it!

roybe said...

It's a panasonic DMC LZ2 Kerri, You can get an extra lens for it to take more intricate close ups, I've put out a few hints for my birthday. I'm originally from the uk so I miss the light summer nights

Kerri said...

Roy, I hope you get that birthday present you're hinting at :)
Thanks for answering my question. I'm coveting a bigger camera and telephoto lens :)
My dad is originally from Birmingham, England, so I have a wee bit of English blood!
You might be interested in clicking the link to Judith Polakoff's photos (it's on my blog). She is a master with the camera and a lovely lady! She only lives an hour away from us here in upstate NY.