Tuesday, April 18, 2006

They were surprised and we were surprised

we sometimes have a torchlight walk through the garden to see what we can spot. we occasionally find the odd frog. So to our surprise and delight we spotted three within five minutes last night.
It was a particularly warm autumn evening just after dark, so I think we caught them just setting off. The first we came across was our little friend Litoria peronii (emerald spotted treefrog) who had just hopped out of the bromeliad on the verandah. Then we saw a little Litoria caerulea (green tree frog) looking like it's ready to leap. Then finally a small Litoria fallax (eastern sedgefrog) we havn't seen these for while so it was good to see one. Our neighbours recently spotted a tree snake which we think was a common tree snake from the description and being active in the day, so as sedgefrogs laze around in the day we wondered if they were being eaten. still thats nature I suppose, everyone has to have their dinner. So don't forget to take your torch out on a warm night you never know what you might see.


sarah said...

what delightful little creatures these froggies are!

Kerri said...

Your photos are wonderful! I love these frogs. What a great idea to take your torch out at night. I wonder if we have any tree frogs around here. I've seen them up north near The Thousand Islands (bordering Canada) so we should have them here too, I imagine.