Friday, April 14, 2006

delicious bonza apples

Just as our garden friends in the northern hemisphere are seeing the apple blossoms appear, we down under have been enjoying different varieties of new seasons apples for a few weeks now. As we were doing our pre- easter trundle through the supermarket. We spotted them - BONZAS ! mounds of them. we just love these apples, they are described as having a sweet flavour with firm and juicy white flesh, they have a bold red blush overlaying green to yellow skin. They are quite a different taste to most of the other apples, well worth a try if you have access to them.
A little apple trivia to lighten our day

Did you know?
*There are 7000 varieties of apples grown worldwide.
*Apples float when dropped into water because the consist of 25% air.
* Over 2.6 billion apples are grown in australia each year
* Granny smith apples originated in australia. They were first grown
by Maria Anne Smith in Eastwood, Sydney in 1867.
*Apples have a dietary fibre called pectin which helps move food
through your body efficiently.
* Apples have a mineral called boron which is important to keep
your bones strong and healthy.
*Apples contain lots of antioxidents
* An apple supplies a quarter of your day's vitamin C needs.
* The longest continuous apple peel took 11 hours and 30 minutes to
remove and was 52.51 metres long!!

Happy gardening.


Alice said...

7000 - that's pretty amazing, isn't it? I have tried Bonza, although I mostly buy either Royal Gala or Pink Lady. I used to like Delicious but they always seem to be mushy now, and I cannot stand a mushy apple.

When I was little my father used to buy cases of Rome Beauty apples. They were as big as a cricket ball, crisp, sweet and juicy. We also grew on the farm Five Crown, Rennet and Snow Apples. Never hear of any of them these days. Whilst in England in 1993 I loved to cook the Bramley apples - they fluffed up like fairy-floss.

roybe said...

It would be nice to try some of the more obscure apples, sometimes at the organic markets they have some different varieties early in the season.we tried snow apples in New Zealand while on holidays once.Did you live in england in for a while in 1993 alice?

Alice said...

Yes, Roy, we lived in England from Christmas 1992 to 6 Nov '93. Most of the time was in west Devon. We loved England with a passion, and still do.

We spent about 6 weeks in the USA on our way home that year.

Sandy said...

Yummy:) I love trying out new varieties of apples.

Irene Adler said...

The biggest apples are said to come from Alma Ata in Kazakhstan - that is probably where that slow-to-peel one came from.

e4 said...

I've just planted half a dozen apple trees. I'm looking forward to tasting some in a few years. It seems like our stores only carry bland, mealy apples any more. I haven't had a good apple in quite a while...

roybe said...

thanks everyone for your comments. Interesting about the apples from kazakhstan. regarding the bland apples, your stores are probably selling your last seasons kept in coolstore. see if you can pick up some imported australian granny smiths.

Anonymous said...

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