Wednesday, April 12, 2006

cosy and cute

I had a bit of a theory that these red centred neoregalias were quite attractive to the frogs after seeing the ones on the table taking it in turns. ( see previous post "popular spot"march archive) so we put another one on the verandah. sure enough this little froggy found a home there. It's starting to cool down at nights now so it may decide to hibernate in this spot or possibly look for somewhere more protected. Its worth a click for the larger image to see the emerald spots that give this little frog it's common name Emerald spotted treefrog. It also has a vertical line through it's pupil which is distinct from other frogs.


Alice said...

See, even frogs like to live in a beautiful home, and you seem to have an abundance of them in your garden, Roy.

roybe said...

we are very fortunate alice to have them. we enjoy finding them in various spots.