Sunday, March 26, 2006

magnificent moss

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we are so glad we had the driveway and paths paved instead of concreted. we were advised to use seconds because there is always a good percentage of reasonable quality ones amongst the load and the poorer ones (which were very few) were used in inconspicuous places. we've had very few weeds come up , but to our delight we have lots of this verdant green moss in our shadier spots. It's worth a click for the larger image to see the detail.


Kate said...

That's really cool and amazing.

Kerri said...

I've been noticing the moss lately and agree with's so pretty! Great photo.

roybe said...

kerri we went recently to a photographic exhibition of garden images. they were shot by a friend as part of pain management therapy after a serious accident.It gave us a greater appreciation of some of the more delicate things in the garden. hence the close up of the moss.

Anonymous said...

I've been gardening and taking pictures to distract myself from my own chronic pain so your comment about your friend's pain management therapy was very interesting to me, Roy.

Your moss is so fresh and cool looking.

Adorable frogs! Do they startle you while you're gardening?

roybe said...

with the exception of marsh frogs which we don't often see, the others are quite placid and don't usually move if disturbed, so they don't really startle us.