Thursday, March 30, 2006

favourite water feature

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This is where we like we like to start our day with a nice cuppa. It's very peaceful with the water gently trickling down the rocks. It's just had an annual clean, the algae on rocks gets a bit out of hand, so it's looking it's best at the moment. This was taken early evening, the underwater light in the pond is just catching the rocks.


Donna said...

I can see why the frogs love your place! :)

eireann said...

I found your blog via RedFeltFlower a while ago, and I just love coming here. The frogs are so sweet and the pictures are lovely. Your space is very calming. Thanks.

Alice said...

There's nothing like the sound of trickling water for relaxation. We have a smallish pot on the deck with a pump which is the beginnings of a water feature with plants in pots. We often have our numerous cups of tea throughout the day sitting on the deck listening to the water gurgling.

Your pond is really lovely and looks so natural. Did you build it yourself?

roybe said...

alice this particular water feature was built for us by a local nursery. most of our other ponds we did ourselves. we often tell people we have waterfeaturitus it's a fairly healthy condition. Our kids havn't arranged counselling yet.