Thursday, March 16, 2006

down the garden path

This is the very back of our block It's mostly tropical plants Bangalow and foxtail palms, cordylines and dracena's. It's still quite young and not yet the jungle look we want to create. The pathway is starting to weather nicely with moss growing between the pavers and babies tears encroaching from beneath the rocks. As the pathway curves around we pass a poinciana tree, (which unfortunately we had to have lopped and poisoned because it was lifting the driveway) to which we've attatched a variety of bromeliads. These plants are actually epiphytic so we are hoping the tree will be completely covered eventually.Then as we round the corner this is our shade section with a rich assortment of subtropical plants. We love to inspect this part of the garden early mornings as the birds are singing and have our first cuppa of the day in front of our water feature


Donna said...

Love your garden and your frogs, I have added it to My Favourites. It is wonderful to see a garden that is so inviting to you as well as the little creatures. Although most of our plants are natives, I think I will have to buy myself some bromeliads! I have a couple. I have added a link to my Photobucket site, as you already have my blog site. (Donnas frogblog)

Sonia said...

Beautiful garden! Gorgeous and luxurious plants!