Saturday, January 06, 2007

Beautiful sounds G.T.S. post

Before dinner tonight (Sat) I sat in the garden and listened to natures orchestra. With the water feature gently trickling in the background, there was the repetetive chirp of the cicadas in full chorus ( after recent welcome rain) Two Sedgefrogs were close by calling "reeek reeek pip" Striped Marshfrogs were not going to be out done they were there "toc toc... toc toc". Overhead the sound of batwings could be heard as they swooped between the trees.
As I sat listening in the dark, I was thankful that although we only live 10 mins from the Bribane CBD we can be surrounded by so much of God's creation.
Interestingly enough there was an article in todays Australian newspaper saying that native Australian birds are thriving in the nation's capital cities. Perhaps we owe a lot to our city planners, I know we have lots of parks and green belts which contributes so much to our beautiful environment. May everyone's New year bring good health and happy times.


Alice said...

May your new year always be filled with the wonderful sounds of nature, and the stillness and appreciation to hear them.

There's often so much noise in our surroundings that we miss those 'peaceful' sounds all around.

Perhaps you are a lover of Tony O'Connor music too, Roy? The sounds of the bush and flowing water give his music a special quality.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Sounds absolutely blissful. :) Happy New Year to you!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Yes, parks and green belts are very important.

Mmm... the voice of the nature, there isn't anything more relaxing or enjoying to listen to! I envy you, since it's practically quiet here now in the winter.

Debbie said...

The sounds of nature are soothing and fun to listen too! I don't get much here in the neighborhood other than the dogs but when we go to the Lodge in the summer the sounds of nature are just incredible!

Stuart said...

The sound of cicadas would drive me crazy when I was growing up in Melbourne but now that we don't get them here in Busso I really miss their summery clicking.

Lovely imagery Roy. You don't mind if I pull up a chair and listen with you do you?

Lynn said...

Well you there in Oz have inspired me.
It is cold and blaah here and no nice snow to tease folks with.
You mentioned your water feature.
Tomorrow I will take a winter photo of mine all bundled up waiting for the snow drifts.
mine is up

Jeanette said...

I love sitting outside on a summer night listening to the running water in the pond and nature at its best.

Correy said...

As a brisbanite myself in woolloongabba I have to second that motion. I think Brisbane has a lot going for it as a country town turned city.

We have had so much rain lately and the parks are looking very green.

Climate wise this has been the most perfect temperature in summer I have ever experienced. Usually the last few months we would have sweated it out big time.

Tricia said...

I love the sounds of the outdoors. It's beautiful.

Are you still playing GTS? I've noticed a few sites haven't been very active in the last two months and I was wondering if you're slowing down on your postings too?

Kerri said...

You're making me nostalgic for the Aussie night sounds Roy. I also used to love to hear the kookas and all the other birds too. My mum used to feed the birds so we always had lots around us. Beautiful sounds of nature....a symphony to be sure.

Sue Swift said...

Hi Roy,
Have been in a few times to see what you've been doing and haven't found a new entry. This is just to say that I hope everything is OK and it's just because you're busy.

Weeping Sore said...

I discovered your lovely frog pictures today. My garden is in southern California, almost Mexico, and we're finally getting our spring rains too. But my garden supports only pretend frogs:

I thank you most for your links to your daughter's blog and her links to visual blogs. I was captivated all day, just looking at the beautiful pictures.

charles edwards said...

As I sit on the patio with laptop in front of me it is cold and the only sound I can hear is the crisp creaking of the trees as the wind moves the frosting branches. Although it is starting to frost over I can still remember the last cough of summer as I sat in exactly the same spot hoping it would cool a little. As a city boy I am lucky enough to live on the outskirts and my garden backs into the local countryside which often affords me with visits from its residents like frogs and the occasional fox, but summer has gone now and I have had to turn on the patio heaters to keep the cold at bay but it still does not stop me from sitting outside in the cool fresh air. I love the garden and spend as much time as possible either enjoying it or keeping it tidy so on these evenings that I sit outside the solar lights still show a well presented garden even in the winter months.