Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Greetings! to GTS members and fellow bloggers

This is our garden's offering of Christmas colours. It's Eucalypus "Summer Red" a hybrid between E. Ficifolia and E Phytocarpa. May everyone enjoy a wonderful and blessed time this Christmas with family and friends, and may 2007 be safe, happy and prosperous for all,
All the best, Roy larraine and family


DellaB said...

Hi Roy, what an absolutely beautiful Christmas offering - thankyou - and I wish you and your fanily a peaceful and safe Christmas too.

DellaB said...

I envy you your tomatoes, we have tried for years to grow them here on the Gold Coast, with no success. The plants develop, the tomatoes reach a size where they should start to ripen, then the plant turns brown and wilts away - nobody can really tell us why, we think either too close to the beach (salt air) or perhaps kerosine from the planes (we are under the Coolangatta airport flight path) - we've given up trying!

Kerri said...

Wonderful photo! Merry Christmas to you and your wife Roy. I hope a good rainful comes your way soon. That would be the best present!

Alice said...

Absolutely beautiful flower, Roy. We really do have some stunning native flora.

I hope you and Laraine have the very best of years in 2007.

Sahil said...

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