Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Toowoomba prize winning gardens

As you can see some of these gardens were an absolute delight to visit. The climate in Toowoomba suits a lot of plants that we couldn't grow in Brisbane because of our humidity so we were a little envious when we saw the beautiful Rhododendrums and Daphne growing.
A visitor to my previous post kindly pointed out a mistake I'd made. The water provided to residents in the garden competition was bore water not recycled water, my apologies. I hope you will enjoy the beauty and colours of these gardens as much as we did.


Alice said...

I've often heard of the wonderful garden displays in Toowoomba but have not yet had the pleasure of visiting that lovely city.

The gardens certainly are beautiful and a credit to all concerned, especially during this time of extreme drought.

Thank you, Roy, for sharing your photos of these delightful and inspiring gardens.

water boy said...

Great photos!

Sigrun said...

Very nice gardens!


UKBob said...

I like the second pic best with the little bridge in it.

Kerri said...

Roy, these gardens are magnificent! So much color and variety. I love this blogging thing....just popping over to the other side of the world, and seeing these beautiful sights.Thank you so much for sharing these gardens with us.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

That's absolutely stunning photos! and I adore the frog prince too - he looks so happy ;-)

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Jeanette said...

just beatifull photo's of beautifull gardens sofull of clour love the little bridge one

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