Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Queens Park Toowoomba.

Just a few shots taken in Toowoomba during their annual "Carnival of Flowers" It's a real credit to the town that they where able to put on such a fabulous display. This was taken a fortnight ago, the district is now on level5 water restrictions now which means no outdoor watering at all. The residents have been preparing for this for some time and it seems most people have got either bores or water tanks. To ensure the carnival went ahead the council went around filling peoples water tanks with recycled water. When you see gardens like these it really is hard to imagine the area is facing such a crisis. I'll post some of the prize winning gardens in the next day or so. Take lots of deep breaths and enjoy the Spring (or autumn)


UKBob said...

WOW! What amazing flower beds and even more amazing when you think of the water situation. I will be looking farward to seeing the rest of your pics.

water boy said...

Just to correct you. Council went around carnival garden entrants with bore water not recycled water. The service was paid for by the Chronicle as part of their competition.

It's great you put your photos up - to remind people that Toowoomba is not the dustbowl some would like people to think it is.

Kerri said...

Your photos are exquisite. I'm in awe of your photographic skills. Very envious of that camera too :)
Amazing to think people could create gardens as wonderful as this during such a prolonged drought.

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