Friday, February 25, 2011

Our Tree change

Well, we are fully retired now and living in our lovely home at Tamborine Mountain surrounded by a beautiful garden full of Camellias, Vireyas and Clivias. The Vireya pictured is Souvenir De Mangles. Up here we are often in the misty clouds during the rainy summer season as you can see from this image. We have left Frog garden behind at Balmoral but we take with us lots of wonderful memories which are recorded on this blog. We have lots frogs on Tamborine Mountain but they might be a little harder to catch on camera. It has been a long time since I've posted. Larraine was ill for a long period and her recovery took priority. Hopefully I can keep it updated now that we are settling into our new home.


Bernie said...

This Vireya is just stunning ... what a gorgeous colour. I also love your misty shot ... it's a lovely scene.

So glad to hear that your wife is recovering well, that's wonderful news. It seems like you're settling into your new home well ... a beautiful part of Queensland.

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Marlene said...

You live in a beautiful area.
I see you are interested in Hoyas. How many varieties would you have?

roybe said...

About 30 species Marlene, not so many now we live at mt Tamborine as it's a fair bit cooler than Brisbane.

Aansy Stone said...

you live in a very lovely place @Roybe, i must say that you have beautiful photography skill and the misty shot of the trees is expressing your skills clearly.
i hope your wife will get well soon!

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