Saturday, May 09, 2009

Vireya Rhododendrons

I think that fascination with plants increases with age. That's not to say of course that some young people are not avid gardeners. But an analysis of the demographic at various garden/orchid shows etc. would suggest that some of us old timers predominate. Goodness what am I saying! I'm only 64 maybe i might be classified as a mid timer. Anyway enough waffle, my latest interest are Rhododendrons of the subgenus Vireya sometimes referred to as Tropical Rhododendrons. Like my other interest Hoyas, many of these plants are epiphytic in nature and have very small and fine root systems. They are found at altitude in mountainous regions of S.E. Asia and New Guinea. There is an abundance of hybrids in cultivation and most flower twice a year some even more. Above are just a few that have flowered for us this Autumn.


Giedra said...

Hi Roy!!
Thanks for visiting I am kinda new in growing rhododendrons as well, the main problem is an alcaline soil. I am trying Inkarho rhododendrons with lime tolerant roots now.

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