Friday, November 10, 2006

GTS... Hoya Survey

For Green Thumb Sunday this week I thought I would conduct a little survey about Hoyas, also known as wax plant or porcelain flower (in reference to the delicate nature of the beautiful flowers.) I first became interested in Hoyas about two years ago. Our first plant was given to us by Larraine's mum Mary, it was a Hoya Carnosa which is probably one of the most common and best known of the Hoyas.

Hoyas are mainly tropical or sub-tropical plants and the majority are epiphytic. It is said that there could be up to 300 species, some of which are still being discovered. They range in size from miniature to very large plants and vines. The flowers are just as varied, many of them highly fragrant. Pictured here are just a few of those that have flowered in our garden, clockwise from the top left are Hoya C.V. Minibelle, Hoya Lacunosa, Hoya Heuschkeliana and H. Pachyclada.

Some of the most avid collectors of Hoyas are the Swedes, they grow beautiful Hoyas and about 80- 90% of websites about Hoyas seem to be Swedish. Here are some you may like to visit...

Hoyas etc.
Hills' Hoya Page
Diane's Place
Hoya Garden (me)

My Hoyas
The Hoya Page
Swedish Hoya Society

I'd like to conduct a little survey with Green Thumb Sunday visitors this week...

1. Have you heard of Hoyas before?
2. Do you own a Hoya?
3. Having read this post, are you curious to visit the Hoya blogs and websites to find out more about these plants?

If you would like to participate please leave your response in the comments section, thanks for stopping by and taking part.

Have a great week,


sarah said...

1. yes! (after you introduced us to these lovely plants)
2. yes! (and i promise to look after her properly when she comes home)
3. yes! (when i have a little more time)


Anonymous said...

yes, thank-you for showing these pretty plants!

Naturegirl said...

My respones: 1.No 2. NO 3.Always curious to learn about plants.
Very nice collage and they are so waxy..must keep my eyes open in nurseries in tropical section here in
Canada. I thank you for comments at nature-trail.

Mandy said...

I've never heard of Hoya's
I don't own a Hoya
I don't usually visit specific theme related blogs, so I probably won't, but thank you for explaining all about these plants. :=)


guppyman said...

1 no
2 no
3 maybe - They are pretty but I'm the definitive lazy gardener.... If I have to look up care requirements... That's too much work. I prefer the plant it and forget it method....

Deb said...

Never heard of them!
Probably will never own one ;~)
No but they're very interesting plants!

Sigrun said...

Very interesting to read! My mother in law has a porcelain flower, but I have hardly ever flowers in the house, because one of my cats is always eating them.


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

1. As a Swede I have to say yes of course :-)

2. No, but I have own severals Hoya Bella. At least I think it's that one when I looked at the pics in the links you've put up for us.

I only knew it as a "porcelain flower" when I had them, because I never bought one, I've got them from an older relative.

I was much younger then and didn't look up the proper names - as I would have done today.

I LOVE that Hoya with it's glossy, sturdy leafs and especially the heavenly scent from the flowers, ahhh! I've always said that I would have wanted the perfume producers to make a perfume of it!

3. I've just done that. Of course, it's always interesting to see new things or blogs :-)

Have a nice Sunday evening :-)

Alice said...

1. Yes, we own a Hoya, although it's much neglected.

2. After seeing yours, I would love to get some more and treat them kindly.

3. I certainly need more information.

Thank you Roy, your Hoyas are really beautiful. We saw one in the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour in Sydney which was huge and had hundreds of flowers. Just beautiful.

Bob said...

Hoyas are such a great plant and often forgotten. I'm suprised by this because there not that difficult to grow and are so unique. thanks for the lovely photos.
Bob of

melissa said...

I'm sooo jealous of your tomatos ..mine have slowed up withte up and down weather ..(and they went in late )
.i have heard of them
. i dont own one but im intrigued with the flowers .they look like cake decorations.I'd kill it if it lives indoors .
.if i have time i'll be back to look at the links

Colleen said...

I've heard of hoyas but I've never seen one until now. I don't own one, but I will be visiting the sites you mentioned.

They are gorgeous!

Sue Swift said...

My mother had one hanging over the stairs at home in London. It intrigued me as, at the time, I didn't know what it was and had never seen anything similar. Have never been particularly tempted to get one, however will check out some of the websites - as long as they're not in Swedish :).

Lynn said...

1.)Yes. I have heard of hoyas since I was a child. I really don't know of a hoya I remembered until I saw my friend's one in about 1993.
2.)I have had a hoya for about 10 years.
3.)I certainly would like to be able to see the different hoyas there are out there. Your pictures had me comparing my one's flowers to your photos. My one is the the top right one of yours.
The smell is a strong dry scent. It is not exactly the typical floral smell. It smells more like a scent a fruit would give off. I find the smell also hits my taste buds at the back edges of my tongue.

Christa said...

Wow, this plant brings back a lot of fond memories. My parents had a wax plant and, as a kid, I was always entralled by its sweet scent and the nectar from its flowers. I haven't seen one of these plants in years!

I didn't know they were also called hoyas. I would love to own one of these plants. I might visit a few of those other websites.

John - melbounre said...

Hi Great post!
Yes have heard of Hoya.
Yes I have one.. one which was passed down to me from my parents, and from which I have a lovely new cutting, and I have all the info I need, but more phoos would be cool.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Yes,my Mum had a pretty pink one that seems to be the most common,sorry I don't know its name

No I don't own one but I care for one at school where I work and its about to flower and will probably take a cutting!

I have visited some

Jeanette said...

2.yes .
3 yes
Ihave never seen the colours u have here
I have the one with the little pink velvety flowers I thought i had lost itas when Iwas sick it got neglected. so i cut it back now i see new growth on it,

Kerri said...

The flowers are so unusual. Lovely!
Yes, I've heard of them.
No, I've never owned one.
Yes, I'm definitely curious and will visit for more info.
Beautiful collage!

Erica said...

1- yes, I've heard of them
2 - yes, I have one I inherited from my mother and that's probably the only reason I keep it, they don't particularly grab me, and this poor thing struggles, I thought it might been too cold in Sydney but if the Swedes grow them I'll need another excuse
3 - yes, I will have a look at the other sites

Anonymous said...

1. Yes.
2. Yes, my sister-in-law gave me one that was not doing well for her, I'd never heard of them before that. It has done very well for me, evidently it thrives on neglect!
3. Yes. The one we have is Carnata, I love it but hate the scent. I'm now looking around to see what hoyas have a nicer scent to them.

ACey said...

I've heard of hoyas. I had one that flowered beautifully for about seven years as a houseplant. My best friend had one that flowered even more prolifically, but it was shorter lived.

Also, yes - I bookmarked these sites. Some are new to me.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, I have heard of Hoya's before.
2. No, but maybe someday soon.
3. Yes, I'll probably do that after I post this, these are seriously cool plants.

Kylee said...

I have just one hoya, which was a gift from a friend that lives on the other side of the US from me. The scent that it gives is heavenly! I love this carefree plant!