Thursday, August 03, 2006

Signs of spring

We are very fortunate living in the subtropics the signs of spring come very early. Although the nights can still be a little chilly the days are starting to get quite warm 23-24 deg. The birds are chirping and there is a definate spring feeling in the air. This is a native vine Hardenbergia Violacia it was full of bees today.
.This orchid sits on our breakfast table it has four of the biggest blooms at the moment and it emits a beautiful fragrance, these flowers seem to have lasted for ages and don't seem to show any signs of wilting.
This is one of our favourite Grevilleas it's a mass of red spider flowers at the moment and little white eyes have been visiting for the nectar.

This two-tone Azalea seems to bloom continuosly once it starts. Ithink it must be in just the right spot.


Kerri said...

Lucky you to be getting signs of Spring already. Your flowers are beautiful. Love that azalea. Lovely pictures. TheHardenbergia is something I've never seen before. It's so pretty. My mum also grew orchids. She had some miniatures growing in her gum trees.

Alice said...

I've been looking at your lovely flowers again. The hardenbergias are all a mass of flowers here at the moment, and the wattles are all bursting. Your azaleas are further ahead than ours, understandably with the warmer weather.

I hope your daughter is feeling better and that she will ultimately have full recovery.

roybe said...

Thanks for your best wishes Alice, she is doing very well.